Why I Reached Live

The initial I went along to Jacmel, Haiti in 2011. Me was touched and God planted me from the fertile ground of Haiti! God put me in the center of the harvest and that he demonstrated that I will be here to provide someday!! I fell in love with people (that they simply these people were happy and content) plus the children, oh the youngsters, these are so hungry for love, their faces. shine when you hold them. So in Sept 2015 I sold everything and relocated to Haiti, by the wing along with a prayer. God is faithful and then he stuffed with grace.

Pestel Rabbit Program
The Pestel Rabbit Program will be launched in May 2016. if this does We are training local Haitians to build cages, breed, and attend to Rabbits. This software will supply the many protein children needs and also the rest are going to be sold at market. A standard family can increase their income by $50.00. The start-up expense of raising rabbits is minimal.

Tree Planting
“A tree is famous by its fruit; a guy by his deeds. A great deed has never been lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love.” – See more at: SavATree
Devestation from your earth quake in Januraury 12, 2010 is beyond just writing and pictures. Most companies and organization came and left and left little resources to aid offer a already poor country the skills young people need that can help themselves.
Many Haitians want things from foreigners just handed directly to them. It doesn’t allowed them to develop any skills or discover ways to love themselves without worrying about help of a church or ministry. That may be where our ministry challenges and teaches skills to the people willing then receive resources they need to are now living in exchange for learning skills and working for it.

Planted Heart Ministry for you preach the Gospel every sunday at the local church, Provide Berries Trees to live off of, and teach town self sufficiency. Planted Heart Ministries donations can be produced tax free at https://worldoutreach.org/missionaries/donate.php?m=Scott%20Christensen&i=448 .

For more details about Give to Haiti go to our web site


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